Hi there, I’m Brian Preston AKA the “BP” in “BP MediaWorks”. I started this multimedia design business in mid 2017 but I’ve worked in the industry since about 2001. I completed a College program in Multimedia Production & Design in British Columbia fresh out of high school. I then went on to be hired by a design agency in Kelowna, BC where I first got my feet wet with managing large scale projects. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from my mentor at the time.

Onward to Greener Pastures

After about a year and a half working there the “.com” industry was falling on hard times and I chose to seek the greener pastures of Alberta at the time. I made my home in Calgary where I was hired by a startup software company. I was hired as their head graphic designer where I got to work very closely with different software engineers working on new applications and sculpting user interfaces from scratch. I spent another two years working with them on various projects before parting ways. Unfortunately, like many new high-tech startups at the time this company failed to meet their success metrics and eventually closed shop. Still, it was another valuable experience that showed me another side to the industry.

Soul Searching

After leaving this company I chose to explore some other opportunities and also completed some more schooling. Like many other young men in Alberta I ended up working in the oil field chasing around drilling and service rigs. I’ve spent time in every corner of this province and have met a lot of amazing people throughout my career. Ultimately my career evolved into a focus on safety where I eventually became a Construction Safety Manager. Throughout all of that time I still continued to do some freelance work keeping my design skills current. I always thought to myself that I missed that creative outlet and the challenge of bringing client visions to life.

A Swift Kick in the Ass

It wasn’t until I met my wife Amanda that I thought I could really explore that seriously again. With her encouragement, I decided to form BP MediaWorks in mid 2017. My focus has been on delivering top tier content at affordable prices. I’ve spent a great deal of time researching the market and trying to understand the needs of small businesses. There are many design agencies throughout central Alberta and the rest of the province. Many of them have very talented developers working for them and I respect each and every one of them.

Our Design Advantage

I think my advantage is in the fact that I run my design agency like a large scale operation but with the budget mindedness of a small business owner. I know my clients want quality products, delivered on time, and on budget. They don’t care if I have a fancy office building with many different employees, the latest espresso machine imported from Italy, or an obnoxiously large sign lit up on the curbside. They care about a connection to their designer, having someone listen to their needs, and delivering on that. This is what I offer. Because I run a “slim and trim” operation I don’t have to pass those needless costs onto my customers. So, if you want to bring your business online or revamp that old website that just isn’t serving you properly, please get in contact with me today. I think you’ll be happy that you did. Let’s bring your dream to life.