What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design means your website will scale and reposition the content to work on any sized screen. You may have come across a website while browsing on your phone and found the text to be extremely small and almost impossible to read. This happens when a website is NOT responsive. When a website is designed to be responsive, the font size will increase as the screen size decreases. The layout will also change to allow pictures and other content to be displayed vertically on narrow mobile screens etc. This ensures that all your content will be easy to read and follow on all devices.

Why Is Responsive Design So Important?

Simple. Over 50% of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. For some website genres this could be much higher. For example, websites for mobile device accessories can count on the majority of all traffic coming from mobile devices. This is why its so important to make sure your website looks just as good on a small screen as it does on a full-size desktop or laptop.  If your website is hard to navigate or slow to load on small screens the likelihood of your prospective client going elsewhere shoots up dramatically. You need to capture their attention immediately or risk losing business.

How Can BP MediaWorks Help Me?

We design every website we build to be mobile responsive. This is at the core of every design we make. After designing your site to look beautiful on a desktop platform, we perform a mobile optimization audit to go through each page of your site editing the design to look just as great on different device types. We review these designs with all clients prior to launch to ensure they are ready for public use.

If you’re viewing your own website and think you’re in need of some help with mobile responsiveness, reach out to us today at [email protected]  We would be happy to audit your current website and provide a FREE quote on how we can better optimize the experience for your customers.