Project Description

This project was a lot of fun, and a labor of love for me. My Boston and Me is a new Children’s Book Series written by my very talented wife, Amanda. The story is centered around our beautiful daughter Anya and her lovable Boston Terrier named Jemma. The book is available for purchase on most major online retailers. Visit the link below for more details on the book series and to buy your own copy!

We wanted to produce something colorful and fun to fit with the theme of this children’s book. We incorporated multiple illustrations from the book and placed them in overlapping layers. This gives the site a lot of depth and makes it fun to view. The illustrations were provided by Jessica Gibson. Her work is beautiful and we can’t wait to complete more of these books with her. View her portfolio right here:

We also produced a number of custom graphics for this project. This included custom cover photos for both Facebook and Twitter.

We utilized Adobe InDesign to complete a full book layout for this project. This included reviewing size and bleed specifications from the publisher. We produced custom templates for the layout and did extensive testing to get it all correct. Our hard work paid off when the first printed copy of the book arrived on our door step. It was very special to see this turned into a tangible item we could hold and read to our daughter.