Project Description

Rio Vista Family Dentistry in San Diego, California recently joined another dental practice and needed to be re-branded under the same look. We took an existing design from their sister dental practice and then converted the Rio Vista website to that. This involved replicating all of the existing content and providing some custom graphics specific to the San Diego area. We were able to redesign the full website on our own server and then move everything to the Rio Vista site with less than 1 hour of total downtime. Time is money, and we know that having your website down to perform updates can mean lost revenue. We can complete updates or completely new web designs like this with minimal downtime. Contact us today to find out how.

The Rio Vista site was developed using WordPress. The main focus of this update was performing the redesign and update with as little downtime as possible. We have developed a system for replicating websites such as this and moving them to new locations with very low downtime. In this case, the site was up and running within a matter of minutes with all of the final small “tweaks” and testing completed in less than 1 hour total.