Project Description

Supernova Creations is an online Children’s Specialty Boutique.  They sell a wide variety of children’s clothing and accessories.  We provided Supernova Creations with a revamped logo design and complete e-commerce solution as well as web hosting.  Our design included providing product customization options right within the store.  Customers can select sizing and colour options as well as specify custom options for certain products.

We revamped the Supernova Creations logo in a more modernized style while still keeping the feel of the original.  We then produced a new trade-show banner design at very high resolution so it can be printed in large format.

We provided a complete e-commerce solution utilizing the WordPress platform.  We developed our design around the Supernova logo, incorporating elements of butterflies and space throughout.  The online store needed to provide robust product options and customization.  Through the use of the WooCommerce online store software we were able to provide all of this and more.  Previously this store was situated on Etsy and customers had to contact the owner separately to ask for custom options.  Now, all of this customization is specified by the buyer right inside the store.  This eliminates the need for a separate conversation and helps speed up order processing dramatically.