Project Description

Visions of Color is a very unique artistic venture.  This is the company of artist, Veronica Clark.  She produces a special style of painting that combines elements of her indigenous heritage and her skills a Reiki practitioner.  Each painting is infused with Reiki energy during the creation process.  The paintings are beginning to be displayed in different locations throughout Red Deer, Alberta.

This was a fun project creatively.  We wanted to represent both the indigenous and Reiki elements in this logo.  To do this we blended together a Crown Chakra and a Dream Catcher.  We then applied a painterly effect to the logo font.  Veronica’s paintings are extremely colorful emulating the different Chakra colors.  We wanted to capture that in the logo design as well and chose to color in the Crown Chakra with a full spectrum color gradient.  The Dream Catcher elements are extremely detailed with small bead work and paint marks on the feathers.

We also produced a short logo intro video to be used in a future full length video project we are completing for Visions of Color.  We wanted to represent the Visions of Color name with bright uses of color throughout this animation.