We provided a complete turnkey solution for 4WHEELER.ca including logo design, decal creation, custom t-shirt designs, vBulletin installation and customization, and ongoing content management services.  Through our targeted advertising campaigns we helped grow 4WHEELER.ca into a large online community of over 10,000 members during the height of its operation.



What We Did

Web Design, vBulletin Design, SEO, Web Hosting, Branding, Graphic Design, Webmaster Services

Key Design Elements

We developed custom advertising templates to be used on Facebook and other social media outlets to help drive traffic to 4WHEELER.ca.  We also developed banner ads for utilization in a number of other locations.

We wanted to create a logo that was powerful, yet simple, while at the same time capturing the Canadian focus of this website.  For our design we went with a stone styled font, coupled with a small maple leaf and patriotic color scheme.  This made for a bold logo that was easily reproducible at a number of sizes and looked great in many different formats including web, print, and apparel.

4WHEELER.ca needed a robust message board system to handle the anticipated member base that it would attract.  We procured, installed, and customized vBulletin for this application which is a highly popular bulletin board system.  We created a custom theme to set this site apart including many small details like header images, buttons, emoticons, and more.

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