Baby Dukes is a children’s clothing brand specializing in leggings.  We developed a logo to represent their brand using a bright 3 crown style.  The 3 crowns represent the different parts of the Baby Dukes brand; girls, boys, & unisex.  In addition to branding we also provided a custom e-commerce solution utilizing Wix.com, social media promotions, business card & trade show banner designs.


Baby Dukes

What We Did

Web Design, Wix Customization, SEO, Branding, Graphic Design for Print Material, Video Design

Key Design Elements

We produced several targeted ad campaigns on Facebook to help promote the Baby Dukes brand.  This included ad layout development, determination of target groups on Facebook, and setting up the ad campaigns.

The Baby Dukes brand is fun and colorful, and as such we wanted the logo to reflect this, which is why we went with the vibrant colors you see above.  We knew this logo would be used in a variety of print applications including garment tags, so it needed to be bold and easily readable even at very small sizes.

We produced designs for a number of print media applications including business cards and a large trade show banner.  For the banner, this meant working in very high resolutions to achieve maximum print quality.  We worked with Vistaprint.ca to produce an end result that was both visually powerful, and affordable.

Baby Dukes required a simple self managed E-commerce solution which is why we turned to Wix.com for this application.  We produced a custom template for the Wix platform that highlighted the Baby Dukes brand and provided a platform for selling these garments online.

Baby Dukes asked us to produce an intro video for a planned YouTube project. This project required the creation of a separate logo for the “Baby Dukes @ Home” branding and the use of Adobe After Effects to produce the short intro video. We wanted something engaging and upbeat that speaks to the creative and colorful nature of the Baby Dukes brand. That’s why we went with the “painterly” reveal effect on this animation. Enjoy!

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