For our own company, we wanted to produce a short upbeat intro to be utilized in all of our future YouTube productions.  We went with an architecture drawing style to match our geometric logo.  This intro was fully produced inside Adobe After Effects.


BP MediaWorks

What We Did

Branding, Web Design, WordPress Customization, Web Hosting, Video Design, Social Media Management

Key Design Elements

For our own logo we wanted something colorful that spoke to the detailed design approach that we take on all of our projects.  That’s why we chose this geometric design to represent our brand.

Adobe After Effects was used to create the entirety of this intro video.  Subtle details were incorporated like the pencil sketch sound effect to help add some extra depth.  We wanted something short that would immediately capture the viewer’s attention.

Alternate Logo
Video Animation

This is an alternate logo animation we produced for our own brand.  These short intro clips are perfect to start off YouTube or other informational videos.  They capture the viewer’s attention and add an extra level of flare to your video production.

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